2014 ST3 Interviews

One of the successful candidates from last year who ranked in the top 5 at interview, clearly asserts that the most important skill to be able to demonstrate at ST3 interview is “the ability to reflect”. Make sure your written pieces are accessible to interviewers by:

1) Making them short and succinct

2) Using a clear, descriptive title which says what it does on the tin!

3) Selecting the place in your portfolio where they are most likely to be seen

2 thoughts on “2014 ST3 Interviews

    • Manjit, that, indeed, is a difficulty. However, those who have learned early, whilst a medical student, are doing well: both in terms of reflective practice and recording it. It’s hard learning a new approach once our professional practice is established. However, expert surgeons have the capacity to reflect, the question is whether they have the motivation to write it down. Their reflective writing will not only be crucial for revalidation and recognition as a trainer, but it is an invaluable learning tool for them, their colleagues and their trainees. There is a BOA website dedicated to learning reflective writing….so do direct our macho mates there if you can….http://reflection.boa.ac.uk

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